Who we are

FriendCon is an annual non-profit convention held in central Pennsylvania. We are for friends, by friends, and focus on gaming, cosplay, and having fun!

We are for friends, by friends, and focus on gaming, cosplay, and having fun! Must be 21+ years of age to attend.

All attendees are encouraged to read and are bound to the FriendCon Code of Conduct.

FriendCon's Board of Directors

Filipe Fernandes

The current President of Friendcon Inc, and part of the Board of Directors. His favorite part of Friendcon have been Boss Battles event, as he enjoys taking video and board games that people are familiar with and adding an interesting spin to it.

Jim Elmore

Jim is the current treasurer of Friendcon Inc, which is part of the Board of Directors. He loves FriendCon because it’s more fun to discover new games and try new things when surrounded by awesome people. Outside of FriendCon he enjoys playing video and board games, fiddling with computers and electronics, and trying to not injure himself anymore with Ironman training. He’s forever jealous of his wife, because the cats like her more and probably always will.

Kelly M.

Kelly is part of the FriendCon board, and boy howdy, is she excited to be here. She has attended FriendCon since 2017 (ish), and her favorite part is getting together to blow off steam and have raucous fun with friends. She spends her time outside of FriendCon playing and streaming video games, making strange noises, and trying to maintain the world record in Microsoft FreeCell. Send her pictures of your dog, please.


Munk is the current art director of FriendCon and an avid illustrator of butts, visual puns, and combinations of butts and puns. FriendCon is her favorite convention, and seeing everyone who comes back year after year is her favorite part of the convention. That and double dash. In her non-FriendCon life, she studies bugs and infectious diseases and plays too much Overwatch.